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Getting Started With Delivery Checklist

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Every food delivery business will have it’s own challenges and objectives to hit. You’ll hopefully find amongst the below one or two useful pointers. Do feel free to contact me if you’d like me to expand or if you have any feedback.

Be clear on your objectives and success criteria 

  • Set out your objectives – What must it achieve?
  • Deliver the brand promise – is the customer going to get a positive reaction with this service / will it represent your brand well?
  • What are your commercial targets – drive sales / maintain margins / it must enhance the business
  • Do you want to own the customer data / is that important for your marketing efforts

Create Success criteria

  • Delivered food quality / bench mark / test it in real time not just perfection
  • Speed of service (accepting order / prep time / delivery time / end to end times vvip)
  • Internal teams must be on-board / digital customer as important as a ‘real’ customer
  • How is it going to affect your in-dining experience?

Do some research

  • Are there enough of your customers within reach? Or have you considered delivering a different offering better suited to the local demographic (silent to your current customers)
  • Competitor set – who and what are you competing with – menus / pricing / offers
  • Potential partnerships – don’t sign up for the first deal – explore all main options

What are you going to sell

  • KISS
  • Customer favourites but also capability – don’t sell what you can’t deliver well
  • Make sure it meets your original objectives & success criteria
  • Create appealing photos, clear menu titles & tempting short descriptions. Create meal bundles + add ons. Don’t forget upsells and drinks

Decide how you are going to go to market

  • 3pp or own delivery or blended? Start small / learn fast / scale (many pros and cons)
  • Do the maths / make it commercial / don’t give it away – delivery should not be free – do not create a discount channel or erode too much margin – everyone is different but plan, test and learn

Deliver on your promise

  • Measure against your objectives
  • Test often / get customer feedback / innovate and improve

If its working for you…scale it!