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August Update

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adrian mosley

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Help as many food businesses as I can reach their potential through on-demand delivery
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Achieving Growth 

I’ve never been more focused in my working career on one subject – on-demand delivery. 

Over recent years this is a channel I’ve set up, established and grown for Krispy Kreme UK & Ire.

I have helped them scale 1050% in dark stores and 600% as a channel IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS

The dark store model is a unique proposition that you really should be considering.

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London-based pizza brand Homeslice has just launched a cupboard sauce range. The five sauces developed include; jalapeño salsa, truffle cram fraiche, soy truffle glaze, chilli oil as well as the classic tomato base.

We Think

Adding additional products to purchase via on-demand is a great way to boost ATV but creating retail foodservice brands is a LOT of work.


Turkish restaurant Yeni has launched their direct to consumer delivery service ‘Yeni Home.’ The Soho-based company is offering a variety of signature dishes “ready to serve in five minutes from packaging to plate” for customers inside the M25

All day concept, The Breakfast Club has launched their new virtual delivery brand this week. From 5pm it becomes Saint Elmo’s Late Night Sandwich Bar which opened for business via Deliveroo this week before being rolled out across the 12 strong group during August. 

Shake Shack UK has launched their new DIY burger kit. Customers can order the ‘ready to cook’ kits to recreate their favourite of the four signature ‘ShackBurgers.’ Furthemore, a portion of sales from every kit sold will be donated to ‘Action Against Hunger.


Mobile communications platform Yapster, has announced a free membership option with no sign on or monthly fees for organisations that require 200 or less member profiles. The app which is aimed at teams within hospitality businesses improves ‘real time’ communication within deskless organisations.


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