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Dark Stores and Dark Kitchens

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What is a dark store?

A dark store is a location that is hidden from walk in customers. It’s a storage space and pick up location that allows delivery drivers to collect you food and drink packages. In our dark store network with Parcelly you don’t pay for any labour. The dark store manages the delivery tablets for you and ensures the delivery drivers get the right goods. You only pay for product sold. It’s a superb business model.

How does is differ from a dark kitchen?

A dark kitchen has cooking facilities and requires chefs. A dark kitchen will often be making food to order. A dark kitchen is a much more expensive model to run as you need to pay for labour, rent and utilities.

I’m considering renting a dark kitchen – what should I think about?

So dark kitchens can be a fabulous way to reach new customers in new areas. They are often plug and play. They can get you up and running if space is available in a matter of days. My best advice is to do your research and speak to people who are non-competitive who have experience. Nothing will give you better information than speaking to those people who have had success and on the flip side crashed and burned.

At the top end you have the likes of Foodstars – all signing all dancing 24 hour access locations with purpose built dark kitchen spaces all in one area. You pay for this though – so make sure you business model stacks up.

Then depending on who you are and what you need try the classified ads. Try your local pubs and bars and social halls – you never know what’s just waiting for your enquiry. or Facebook Market place or local Facebook pages or or ……

I’m always looking to expand my knowledge so if there are others do let me know.

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