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Guest Post – Ops Excellence

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on demand delivery

Ben Scott is Head of Customer Experience at Krispy Kreme UK , and has helped develop and the relationship between our delivery partners and operational front line to deliver the best return for our customers and investors. He has over 20 years of experience in customer facing retail and hospitality roles.

As a retailer it has never been more important to be able to connect  with customers online , here are my delivery top tips :

Measure the things that matter – make sure the teams are focused on the KPI’s that count and drive the search algorithm – Accepting orders quickly , maintaining online availability and speedy prep are super important to driving sales.

Be Delivery Ready – Some stores are delivering large double digit % of retail sales (mostly incremental) via delivery – the teams have to understand that in a digital world turning on that tablet is AS in important  as opening the front doors – Check your business opening times are accurate – your digital front door

Time is Money – Riders are self-employed and want to make 4/5 jobs an hour – making access super simple and quick helps facilitate this.

It also drives the overall algorithm for your search results – generating sales. Gear up your stores for easy access with delivery pick up points and a quick hand off system to keep things moving.

Stay Focused – sometimes locations are an immediate hit , and sometimes a slow burn – the key is to keep focus on the KPI’s regardless – If you don’t deliver on the KPI’s the ultimate result will be poor regardless and your search result will dip

Create Customer Delight  most delivery transaction are faceless, so it’s nice to add a human touch where you can – handwritten notes and complimentary items is a great way to remind customers that service can be more than just speed

You can connect with Ben here on LinkedIn